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Connector operation and setup with Infineo

This connector has been set up by Infineo so Lucca cannot customize it.
If you want to synchronize other custom data, please contact your Infineo representative directly so that they can see how feasible your request is.

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR, Cleemy Expenses, Timmi Absences 
      • Reading type: API
      • Reading direction: Inside Online to Lucca
      • Reading frequency: real-time connection to the Lucca API
      • Setting up the connection: you are free to save your URL and API key to your Infineo account

Synchronized data

As part of the data synchronization process, Inside Online will send the following data to Lucca:

  • employee details:
    • Employee name
    • Employee’s first name
    • Contract start date
    • Contract end date
    • Job title
    • Employee's occupation category
    • The employee’s job
    • Associated establishment
    • Associated department

  • information about the employee’s expense reports:
    • Type of expense
    • Expense amount
    • Period of the expense
    • Amount reimbursed
    • Description of the expense
    • Expense analysis
    • Expense warning

  • information on employee absences:
    • Period of the absence
    • Absence account
    • Account categories
    • Absence duration

Reading this data in real time will depend on the access permission you have given to the API key (cf. "View personnel file” permission).

A variety of standard Lucca fields are available and can be selected to create your Inside Online indicators.

Setting up the reading in Lucca

To set up the Lucca API reading, the Lucca database administrator will need to create an API key with the following permissions:

Employee permissions:

      • Read users Lucca properties
      • View career information of employees
      • Consult contractual information of employees
      • See future employees
      • See former employees

Cleemy Expenses permissions:

      • View expense reports

Timmi Absences Permissions:

      • Read the leaves
      • Show details of leaves

The connection steps to be completed in Inside Online

From the Inside Online account, go to the "Connect" tab to create the connector to join to the Lucca API.

Select the component that corresponds to the "Lucca" connector, then fill in the two pieces of information required for connection: 

  • The URL used to connect to your Lucca client space (e.g.
  • The API key previously created in your Lucca client space.

Once this information has been entered, confirm the creation of your connector.

When you confirm, you will get a connector that you can use from your Inside Online account (Dataviz & Reporting 365).

Downloading standard reports

Once the connector has been created, you can use the "Dataviz" tab to: 

  • create your own Dataviz pages from a blank document
  • download ready-to-use Lucca reports.

To download standard reports, select "Add a document", then choose the "Lucca" component.

A new document will then appear in your Dataviz account, with pages for tracking absences or expense reports.

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