[New interface] How do I approve a timesheet?

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The Approval module has evolved: the display has been modernized and the experience redesigned so that you can process timesheets easily.

Approve or reject a timesheet

The Approval module now lists all timesheets pending your approval on the left-hand side of the page. They are still grouped by submission period (e.g. Chloé Alibert’s timesheet for January 1 to 31 is pending approval).

When you select a timesheet, the details appear on the right. In addition to time accounts and warnings, timesheet details now include comments. If there are more than three, a link appears so you can view the other comments on the timesheet.

The entire timesheet can be accessed by clicking on “View timesheet.”

You can approve (or reject) the timesheet from any view. If you refuse a timesheet, you must specify the reason for refusal.

If you have authorized your submitters to choose between payment and recovery, it will now be possible to modify the distribution of variable remuneration items before approving the timesheet from the Approval module.

The one-click approval buttons for approving timesheets without warnings and approving timesheets with warnings have been removed.

Process the timesheets of other approvers 

If you need to validate timesheets in place of someone else (a team member who has gone on leave without setting up a delegation, a team leader who has left the company without validating all their team’s timesheets, etc.), you can go to the “Other approvers” tab, then select the approver concerned in a filter, for example, to see all timesheets still pending their approval. Other filters are available, such as the submitter’s department, establishment or the submitter themselves.

If you do not apply a filter, by default you will see all timesheets pending approval that you are authorized to process. 

These options require special permission. If necessary, please contact your administrator.

Approve several timesheets at the same time

You can select timesheets to be approved at the same time. If you move the mouse over a timesheet, checkboxes appear to the left of each timesheet. By clicking on “select x timesheets,” you can tick off all timesheets pending approval for mass processing. 

Please note that timesheets must always be approved in chronological order for variable remuneration items to be calculated correctly. Therefore, you may get the following message when approving timesheets in bulk: “+ x previous timesheets,” which informs you that you will be approving other timesheets in addition to your selection, so that chronological order is respected: 


Send reminders to late submitters

This is the big change in the new interface: reminders now have their own dedicated module, which can be accessed from the Reports module. 

You can access the Reminder module directly from the Approval interface, via the links at the bottom left “View submitters to be reminded” or “View approvers to be reminded” (depending on whether you are in the “to be processed” or “other approvers” section):

Delegate your approval rights

The new approval interface includes a shortcut that lets you delegate your approval rights when you are on vacation, for example.

This help file will show you the new settings page and how to set up the approval process! 

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