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Silae has developed a more modern, more powerful and more secure technology (REST API). Silae will soon stop running its old technology (SOAP API) that relied on Lucca's Silae connector.

Lucca therefore developed a new Silae connector in order to:

  • maintain continuity of service for the transfer of your data from Lucca to Silae;
  • transfer more information from Lucca to Silae: profiles regarding bonuses, contract data, etc.
  • offer you new features: verification of payslips, etc.


Can I keep my current connector?

Non. Your current connector will no longer work after April 2024. You will no longer be able to transfer your data from Lucca to Silae.

How to obtain Lucca's new Silae connector

All you have to do is complete the following three steps to obtain the new connector:

1 - Send this help sheet to your payroll manager so that they can complete the configuration set out in their Silae administrator area

2- As soon as the action has been completed, your payroll manager will give you the number of the payroll file(s) concerned

3- You fill in this questionnaire with the elements sent by your payroll manager and our team of consultant will then take over. The migration to the new connector will be completed within 5 business days. You will receive a confirmation message as soon as the new connector is active on your Lucca space.

Do you have any questions or are you missing any elements? Complete the questionnaire and our team will come to your assistance as soon as possible.

Why change connectors today?

So that our team can dedicate itself to your Lucca space and your questions, it sorts your requests into small group in order to handle them. By completing the process today, you will benefit from the new connector very shortly and feel more reassured thanks to the reduced risk of service interruptions.

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