The new user files

A new look for user files!

Now you can manage your employees' information even more efficiently, thanks to :

  • A redesigned interface, including :

    • A home page, accessible to managers and administrators who frequently visit other users' files;


  • A button that lets you navigate from one HR file to another with the same search experience as the home page;

  • The widgets display a summary of the employee's situation (current contract, job assignment, management, employees supervised);



A new section display that distinguishes :

    • General information (personal information, personal contact details and business contact details);
    • The Contracts section, which provides a better representation of contractual changes thanks to the new concept of amendments;
    • The Career section, which includes all data relating to the employee's position (job title, department, qualifications, manager's name, supervised employees).
    • Application information, which groups together all the information required for Lucca applications to function correctly (connection identifiers, delegation, roles, etc.);


Depending on your Lucca solution equipment, you will also see new sections such as :

  • Bank details (which can be used to associate a validated IBAN with a member of staff, making modification more secure, with notification to the member of staff in the event of a change);
  • Work cycles (with a timeline display for better visualization of changes).


Last but not least: the process of creating a new file is now carried out in several stages to simplify data entry and prevent oversights.

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