Configuring Variable Remuneration Natures (VRI)

Background information

You can create or modify VRI natures in Pagga Compensation’s configuration module. Access to this module is specified by the rights configured in the user’s role.

This interface lists all VRI natures created on your instance in alphabetical order. If you click on one, you will see its properties.


Creating a variable remuneration nature

To create a new VRI nature, click on the ‘Create a nature’ button. Simply enter the nature’s title (50 characters maximum), its code, the nature code and the one or more legal entities that can use it.

The nature’s code is optional. It allows you to enter a matchcode (alphanumeric fields) that can be used when exporting VRIs to payroll.

The nature code lets you define what value the nature expects:

  • Amount
  • Quantity

The nature code cannot be modified after it is saved.

The ‘Include in actual remuneration’ property allows you to determine what impact variable remuneration items linked to this nature have on calculating total gross remuneration.

For example, VRIs associated with the ‘Acompte’ (Deposit) nature should not be included in the calculation of gross remuneration.

Note: this property is only available for ‘Amount’ nature codes.

You can restrict use of VRI natures by defining the legal entity(-ies) to which each nature is linked.


The VRI natures created are automatically arranged in alphabetical order using the nature’s title.

Deleting and deactivating

You can delete a VRI nature using the ‘Delete nature’ link.

That said, only natures with no VRI assigned can be deleted in order to save the history of variable remunerations linked to these natures.


However, you can deactivate/activate a VRI nature using the checkbox underneath its title. You are then unable to enter a new variable remuneration on a deactivated nature; existing VRIs are not affected.


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