Configure the types of variable remuneration items (VRI)

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The Pagga Compensation Settings module is used to create or edit VRI types. Access to this module is defined by the permissions configured in the role of the user.

This interface lists all the VRI types created on your instance, in alphabetical order. You can view its properties by clicking on one of them.


Creating a variable remuneration item type

To create a new VRI type, click on the "Create a type" button. All you have to do is enter its label (50 characters maximum), type code, its type, its category and the establishment(s) that can use it.

The type code is optional. It allows you to enter a correspondence code (alphanumeric fields) that could be used when exporting VRIs to payroll.

 The variety is used to define the value expected by the type:

  • Amount,
  • Quantity.

The variety is not modifiable after saving.

The "Included in gross compensation measures" property is used to determine the impact of the variable remuneration items attached to this type on the calculation of the total gross remuneration.

For example, the VRI linked to the "Deposit" type must not be included in the calculation of the gross pay.

Please note: this property is only available for "Amount" types.

The category currently allows customers, who have signed up to the SILAE synchronization, to send VRIs to the payroll in the correct way. It must therefore be completed as part of this offer. Secondly, it can be used to filter the reports (regardless of the offer you are signed up to). 

You can restrict the use of VRI types by defining to which establishment(s) each type is attached.


The created VRI types are automatically arranged in alphabetical order of the type label.

Attachment to exports

If your new type has to be exported to payroll, do not forget to attach it in the export. You can click on the "access exports" button as shown below:


Click on the cogwheel that appears when you hover your mouse over the export, then check the type to be exported as shown below.


Deletion and deactivation

You can delete a VRI type using the "Delete type" link.

However, only those types, on which no VRIs have been entered, can be deleted in order to keep the history of the variable remuneration items attached to these types.


However, you can disable/enable a VRI type using the checkbox below the type name. It will then not be possible to enter a new variable remuneration item on a disabled type, and the existing VRIs will not be affected.


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