Add/edit/delete a fixed remuneration item (FRI)

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Pagga Compensation's "individual situation" interface allows you to add, edit, delete and view fixed remuneration items for an employee.

Access to the functions for adding, editing or deleting a fixed remuneration item depends on the rights set in the user role.

Only users with "Add/Edit FRI" right can access the "New amount" button and the FRI correction function.

The "Fixed part" section displays the employee's current, future and past FRIs. It is possible to filter the view only on current or future FRIs by deselecting the "Include history" option.


Adding a new pay item 

To enter a new pay item, click on the "New amount" button, 


then define:

  • The pay item type (the list is configurable from the Pagga Compensation configuration menu), mandatory
  • The monthly amount, mandatory
  • The start date of validity, mandatory
  • The end of validity date, optional
  • A comment, optional

The monthly FRI amount is to be entered in its gross value as it appears on the employee's payslip.


As Pagga Compensation checks the consistency of the validity dates entered, it is not possible to register an FRI with an effective date prior to the contract start date or after the employee's contract end date.

In the same way, Pagga Compensation prevents several identical FRIs to be entered over a period for an employee


Entering the progress of a current FRI

To update the amount of an existing FRI, simply enter the new value and the effective date. Pagga Compensation will automatically calculate an expiry date for the previous amount to record it.


Changing to part-time

When changing to part-time, the employee's theoretical pay must be adjusted accordingly. When the work cycle is changed, the FRI concerning the employee's basic salary should be modified. The employee can then view the change of their salary according to their working time, "Reconstitute full time".


Correcting an FRI

If you need to correct information on an FRI (amount, dates or comment), you can click on the row of the FRI to be corrected (highlighted on mouseover). Modification is possible for current, past or future FRI s.


The correction will be applied automatically over the entire validity period, and will automatically trigger the recalculation of the employee's theoretical and actual salary over this period.

Deleting a pay item

Only users with dedicated rights can delete an FRI.

You can delete a current, past or future FRI by clicking on the FRI to be deleted. Click on the "Delete item currently being edited" link at the bottom of the window.


After confirmation, this action is permanent and has the effect of deactivating this FRI. The amount of this FRI will no longer be included in the various calculations and outputs (graphs showing changes in actual salary, reporting, etc.), and the value of the theoretical and actual salary will be automatically updated.

You can view deleted FRIs by selecting the "Include deleted items" option

A deleted FRI cannot be modified.

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