Dematerialisation service with probative value of receipts

Background information

Cleemy can generate dematerialised archives for the expense receipts, which are as admissible to the French administration as paper receipts.

Your co-workers can get rid of their paper receipts after their expense report has been controlled. This feature is available as an option et and abides by the rules described in the article A 102 B-2 of the French Tax Procedures Book.

How does the service work?

Synthetically, this features consists in:

  1. Identifying the expense receipts imported in Cleemy either by co-workers using the mobile application, using a file import or by e-mail transfer.
  2. Creating a PDF document for each expense report, which contains all of the expense receipts and information usually requested by the French URSSAF (Organizations for the Collection of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions) during their inspections. The document will be generated once the expense report has been both approved and controlled.
  3. Applying a server stamp to this document, which equals a electronic signature on behalf of a legal person, in this case LUCCA. The purpose is to date the document and guarantee that it will not be modified afterwards.
  4. Archiving documents in our certified ISO 27001 : 2005 data centers, based on three sites. Saving these documents using this procedure ensures the sustainability of the mentioned documents throughout the legal retention period. In practice, documents will be kept indefinitely as long as you are a Lucca client.

Activating the dematerialisation feature

The activation of this feature can performed by Lucca and partners only. Please get in touch with your usual contact to subscribe to the feature, or contact the support team. This feature will be charged extra and also includes the automated collection of receipts.

The feature can be activated separately for each legal entity, via Settings > Management rules > Dematerialisation.

It is necessary to check that all your expense natures are set up so that to require the mandatory addition of digital receipts (via Settings > Natures).

You have to complete this operation before the service is activated. Then, ask your co-workers to attach a receipt to the expenses they have already submitted before the receipts were made compulsory. Expenses without digital receipts will be included in the PDF, but will not be admissible by the tax authorities or the URSSAF.

Once the service has been activated, the generation of archives with probative value will be automatic. However, please note that the archives will apply to expense reports that were approved and controlled past the service activation date only.

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