Creating an Alert on Data

Background information

HR file management is only available if you are subscribed to the Poplee Core HR solution. If it is enabled on your platform, go to the Co-workers menu and access the alert configuration. Two types of notifications can be set up on your platform.

  • deadline alerts

Setting up a deadline alert lets you monitor Date type data. An email notification is then sent to a set recipient list when a deadline related to this date approaches (e.g.: X week(s) after the anniversary date). Email notifications are sent using a scheduled task that is triggered once every morning.

  • change alerts

You can keep track of any data existing in Poplee by setting up a change alert. The alert email is sent each time changes are saved to the data.

These alerts are typically set up on data that employees are authorised to change (e.g.: Address, Family status, IBAN, etc.). This way, as soon as an employee updates personal data, the HR administrator is immediately informed by email and can then take the steps required.

Creating an alert

This is the process for creating an alert, whether for deadlines or any changes made by an employee.


After you choose the type of alert that you want to create, a configuration window will open where you can enter the different settings.


At this point, you will need to define the following elements:

  • the selected data

For deadline notifications, the selected data can only be a date (simple or part of composite data).

  • the notification date, which can be set using the anniversary date (yearly) or the effective date (once)

For deadline alerts, you must then specify the date that triggers the alert: the anniversary date day, the effective date day or a relative date (X - day(s)/week(s)/month(s) - before/after - Effective date/Anniversary date). By definition, a notification on an effective date will only be triggered once, while it will be triggered yearly for an anniversary date.

  • the alert name
  • the recipients

Select the people who will receive the notification from among the employees present in this instance of Lucca. You can add the person in question, their manager and their manager’s manager to the list of recipients by ticking the corresponding boxes.

In the additional options, you can:

  • filter by legal entity and/or department

These filters allow you to limit the population included in the alert. Only the personal data of employees meeting the criteria defined in the filters will be analysed to send an alert.

  • enter additional recipients

You can enter email addresses for people outside your company who should be informed, for example, your accountant or payroll service provider.

  • customise the message sent

You can customise the content of the email that is sent by entering free text into the text field provided.

Editing or deleting an alert

To edit/delete an alert, simply click on the alert in question and change what you want to change and save. You can also ‘delete’ instead.


Enabling or disabling an alert

To enable/disable an alert, click on the Activated/Deactivated button.


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