Exporting HR Data – Configuring an Export Format

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If you have subscribed to the Poplee Core HR application, the export feature from the Co-workers > Export module allows you to generate an Excel liaison spreadsheet and a cvs file, listing the modifications of HR data from your co-workers from a date on. The file generated in cvs format can be personalized.

This article explains how to create/edit an export configuration to customise the structure and content of the export file.  To discover how to generate the export, please view the dedicated help article.

Creating an export configuration

The access to configure the module is conditioned by the « Configurate exports » permission from the « Co-workers »application. 


Please click on "New config" and select the output format wished.


For the payrolls that do not handle the offered import formats, we will work on the creation of formats that can directly be imported in payroll softwares.

You can set up your export by indicating a name and the related legal entity.


You can also customize the scope and format of your export:

  • Link other legal entities to your configuration, and in this case, specify if you want to generate only one file, or a distinct file per legal entity linked to the export configuration.
  • Reduce the scope of the population processed in the export by selecting one or several socio-professional groups
  • Customise the name and extension of your generated export files.
  • Customise the format of the dates included in the export
  • Customise the decimal place of the data exported
  • Customise the separator of data fields

Every modification of an element in the export configuration needs to be saved (the button at the bottom of the page).


Configuring an export

Once the export configuration has been created, you can customise its settings in the “Export data” tab.


The available data are simple and composite data (with simple occurrences only) from the HR file, managed in the user files. 

To define the sequencing of the columns of the selected data, please click on the column number and drag and drop on the position whished.

Deleting an export configuration

It is possible to delete an export configuration. However, only configurations with no existing export history can be deleted.


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