HR File - Turnaround Files (HR Data Exports)

Background information

The export feature in the ‘Co-workers’ module allows you to generate a turnaround file [fiche navette] in Excel format. This lists changes to your employees’ HR data, which can then be sent to your payroll service provider (or a file in CSV format to import it into payroll).

To configure the export file in CSV format, see the dedicated help page.

Showing the details of recently changed data

The export module can be accessed from the Co-workers menu and is visible to users who have the ‘Export changes’ permission in the ‘Co-workers’ application (to be configured in the roles).


Click on the turnaround file to access the details of the data to be exported.

By default, the module shows the details of the latest changes made since the date of the last export. If you have not previously done an export, the module will ask you to indicate the date from which you want to export the modified HR data.

You can see the list of modified data:

  • The employee number, first name and last name of the employee in question;
  • The name of the data field that was changed;
  • The new data value;
  • The data modification date.

Generating an export of modified HR data

Click on Generate export files.


The generated files appear and are available in the form of a download link.


  • A CSV file consistent with the format defined in the export configuration
  • An Excel turnaround file. It contains all the modified HR data listed in the CSV file, but in a format and layout that are easier to read.


Recording exports

A history of each export is saved with the associated files.

If needed, deleting the most recent export allows you to generate the corresponding export again.



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