Creating or Editing a Leave Acquisition Profile

Background information

The acquisition profile determines the number of days off that an employee earns each year. This profile is linked directly to a user.

An acquisition profile is set up in Configure > Regulations. When you choose a regulation that is already configured, you will find all the acquisition profiles for this regulation with the accounts accruing time and the number of employees linked to this profile.

For more information on setting up a regulation, please visit our help page on this topic.

Creating an acquisition profile

When you are in the regulation you want, click on ‘Create a profile’ in the ‘Acquisition profiles’ tab.


You can then set the number of leave days to be accrued during the year for each of the accounts.


If your Planned recovery (RTT) should be calculated using a number of days worked, you can select the ‘Calculate fixed days’ radio button and set a reference calendar and the number of days worked per year.

Linking an employee to an acquisition profile

To link a user to a profile, go to Co-Workers > User files, select the user file in question and, in the ‘Application data’ section, change the ‘ Timmi Absences application profile’ element.


If you notice a problem with the way an employee is accruing days, you should check that their Timmi Absences application profile was defined and set to the correct one.

Editing or deleting a profile

To edit a profile, click on the ‘Modify profile’ icon (represented by a pencil).


You can then change the number of days off that accrue each year as well as the profile’s name.


To delete a profile, click on the ‘Delete profile’ icon (represented by a waste bin).
Important: it is only possible to delete a profile if no user is linked to it.

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