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Leave requiring a sick note (sickness, maternity, paternity, or accident). is managed exclusively by administrators. These types of leave are not available in the user’s drop-down menu, as they require proof and follow-up by administrators.

Enter an absence to be justified

Before entering sick leave, we recommend that you start by entering an absence to be justified in Schedule Management Manage absences, to be edited after receipt of the supporting documentation. Absences to be justified improve the monitoring of absenteeism and avoid forgetting a request for proof.

Once the supporting document has been received, go to Schedule Management and edit the absence to be justified.

Recategorize the absence to be justified as sick leave.

Edit the type of absence by scheduling sickness or maternity leave. directly above the absence to be justified (in Schedule Management Manage absences).

Attach the supporting document for leave received:

From here, the article only concerns companies for which the sick leave module is activated. If required, the sick leave module can be activated by contacting the Lucca help desk.


Enter an extension 

If an extension is entered, Timmi Absences checks that a sick leave (of the same type) exists ending the day before the start date of the new sick leave.

The sick leave cannot be entered if the extension does not comply with these rules.

Edit sick leave 

Case #1: The leave has not been exported to payroll.

To edit sick leave, you must cancel the existing leave and create a new one. Only the new leave will be exported.

Case #2: The sick leave has been exported to payroll.

Editing the sick leave creates a canceled sick leave and a new sick leave. Both the canceled and new leaves will be exported.

If an employee returns to work early , the initial leave must be edited, indicating a date of return to work prior to the return date on the medical sick note.

Cancel sick leave 

Case #1: The sick leave has not been exported to payroll.

The sick leave is canceled and disappears from the list of leave to be exported.

Case #2: The sick leave has been exported to payroll. 

Canceling the sick leave creates a sick leave in canceled status. This leave will be exported to a separate file.

Refer to the following help sheets for a description of the steps and requirements to export sick leave to the DSN.

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