Declaring Sick Leave

Background information

Leaves requiring a doctor’s note (illness, maternity, paternity, accident, etc.) are managed by administrators only. They are not available in users’ drop-down menus, as they require proof and therefore administrator follow-up.

Entering an absence to be justified

Before entering sick leave, we suggest you start by entering an absence to be justified in Manage the schedule > Manage leave, which will be modified after receiving the proof. In this way, absences to be justified allow you to improve monitoring of absenteeism and help you remember to ask for proof.


When you receive the proof, go to the Schedule management module to modify the absence to be justified.

Recategorise the absence to be justified as sick leave

Change the absence type by submitting leave (Sick, Maternity, etc.) directly above the absence to be justified (still in Manage the schedule > Manage leave).


At the same time, you can attach the proof received:


From this point on, this article only concerns companies with the ‘Sick leave’ module enabled. If needed, it can be enabled on request by contacting Lucca Help Desk.


Entering an extension

If you are entering an extension, Timmi Absences will check that sick leave of the same type does exist and that its end date is the day before the start date of the new leave.

If the extension does not meet these rules, you cannot enter the leave.

Modifying sick leave

Case 1: The leave was not exported to payroll

Modifying sick leave causes the existing leave to be cancelled and a new sick leave to be created. Only the new leave will be exported.

Case 2: The leave was exported to payroll

Modifying the sick leave causes both a ‘cancelled’ sick leave and a new sick leave to be created. Both of these leaves are exported.

For an early return to work, you must change the initial leave, indicating the early return date according to the doctor’s certificate.

Cancelling sick leave

Case 1: The leave was not exported to payroll.

The leave is simply cancelled and disappears from the list of leaves being exported.

Case 2: The leave was exported to payroll.

Cancelling the sick leave causes a ‘cancelled’ sick leave to be created. This leave will be exported to a specific file.

To learn the different steps and requirements for exporting sick leaves to the DSN [French electronic reporting system], refer to the dedicated page.

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