Exporting Leave and Absences to Payroll

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This article explains how to generate an export file for leave and absences, which can then be imported into your payroll software or sent to your payroll service provider.

Timmi Absences offers a dedicated module for exporting sick leave as part of the DSN [French electronic reporting system]. Visit the page.

Timmi Absences also suggests a dedicated module for handling the question of daily exports to an external badging system. Please contact us for more information.

Lastly, for real-time synchronisation of absences to a calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar) or an external system (scheduling, payroll or other), we offer a synchronisation web service. Please contact us for more information.

This article covers the following points:

Generating an export

You can access the payroll export module in Export > Payroll exports menu.

Next, click on Access exports.

By default, the module goes to the period after the most recent period exported. If you have not done any exports, the module goes to the current month.

You can see the number of absence days ready to be exported:

  • absences during the period: days absent during the period in question;
  • late absences: days absent before the period in question, but which were not exported (usually absences entered at the end of the month, after the last payroll export);
  • corrections: deleted absences that were already exported to payroll.


If there are unapproved absences during the period, an orange warning message will appear. You can remind the manager by email or approve unapproved absences yourself (in this case, a notification is sent to the employee and their manager).

Only approved absences are exported.


Click on Generate the export file. The generated files then appear on the right (in the history) and are emailed to the person who generated the export.


Control file

Depending on the settings, a control file can be generated (Control_absences.csv). It contains all the absences from the payroll export file in a format that is easier to read (with the employee’s name, not just their employee number).

Generate a new export file

This button allows you to generate a new export for the same period (January 2017 in this example), which contains the discrepancy since the export was generated. This feature is very useful if absences were approved or entered after the export and you want to send them to payroll for the same period. Otherwise, the absences will be exported with the following month (like late absences).

Remove last export

This button allows you to delete the last export completed. Important: do not delete the export if you already imported the file into payroll; otherwise, you risk creating an inconsistency. In this case, it is best Generate a new export file.

Configuring the export

To configure a payroll export, visit the dedicated help page.

List of payroll software compatible with Timmi Absences

Timmi Absences’s ‘Payroll exports’ module allows you to export leave and absences to almost all payroll applications on the market, as soon as they allow data to be imported from a file.

You can visit the following help page for a list of currently compatible payroll software: Available Export Formats

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