Configuring the Offboarding Form

Background information

Poplee’s offboarding module allows you to manage an employee’s departure. Its task manager aims to ensure that all administrative, logistical and knowledge transfer tasks will be taken care of during the period.

Good offboarding management promotes employer brand quality for the employee regarding their departure and especially for all their remaining colleagues.

Configuring your offboarding procedure

You can configure the list of tasks from the Offboarding settings menu.


Feel free to add to the list of task templates to continuously improve your procedure.


The task template includes the following elements:


  1. task name;
  2. target date corresponding to the task deadline;
  3. the manager in charge of the task;
  4. an attachment (possibly);
  5. the description of the task, where details can be provided along with links to help with completion.

Launching offboarding

  • Click on ‘Prepare the employee’s departure’;


  • Select the employee and enter the contract end date;
  • Configure the list of tasks for this employee;


Tips: If you have tasks that apply only to certain employees, you can add a prefix like [MARKETING], [INTERN] or [LYONSITE] to the names of task templates. This allows you to easily identify tasks that can be eliminated when starting the offboarding process.

Those in charge of tasks are notified when offboarding begins. Daily reminders will then be sent automatically if the deadline is missed.

When all tasks are complete, you can finalise offboarding:


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