What Information is Shown in the Counter Table?

Background information

On the Request page, the counter table shows the days accrued in real time by account and an estimated future balance.

Table details

1. The Current balance column

It is calculated using two pieces of information:

  • the accruals on the account up to today’s date
  • leave requests for a date before today that have been submitted and approved on the account
Timmi Absences is usually credited at the end of the month, so days accrued during the current month are not taken into consideration here.

2. The Planned leave column

It takes into consideration the days for requests that are:

  • Approved, with the date being after today’s date
  • Pending approval (whatever their dates)
Approved leave requests with the date before or on today’s date do not appear in the Planned leave column because they are considered in the current balance.

3. The To be accrued column

It shows the entitlements that will be accrued between today’s date and the month selected in the “Estimated balance at the end of” column. This column updates based on the month selected, including leave to be accrued in the future.

Future accounts will appear according to the chosen month of estimation. This way, you can easily check whether you RTT N+1 accounts are set up correctly.

4. The Estimated balance at the end of column

It estimates the balance at the end of the month selected, taking into consideration: the current balance, leave to be accrued and planned leave between today’s date and the end of the month selected.

By default, the ‘Estimated balance at the end of’ column is set to the end of the month with leave dates furthest in the future.


The estimation for the end of October allows you to predict your future balances so you can plan your time off

Special cases

Debit/credit or auto-credit accounts may show different balances (to learn more about the difference between debit/credit and auto-credit accounts, please visit the settings section of the dedicated help page).

1. Marriage/Civil Union accounts


Absences for contractual leaves (Marriage/Civil Union, funeral, etc.) are generally debit/credit accounts. This means that when an employee takes a day off on this account, the absence will be debited from them, creating a negative/debit balance. The administrator will settle the account in the ‘To do list’ tab, once they get the proof associated with the absence.


2. Unpaid leave accounts


Absences for Unpaid leave are generally set as Auto-credit, meaning the account will automatically reset to 0 after the date of the absence goes by. The number of days to be accrued (in the ‘To be accrued’ column) will match the number of days submitted. Of course, to do this, the leave request must be approved by the manager.

Showing an account’s history

To show an account’s history and understand the balance in the ‘Current balance’ column, simply click on the balance for the account that you want more information about. The debits (days taken) or credits (days accrued) are recorded account by account. So you can retrace this history if in doubt.


Click on the account’s name in the counter table to see all operations done on the account (credit/debit leave).


1. One of the accounts has a positive current balance but the user cannot use it to take days off.

 The account has reached its consumption period end date, so Timmi Absences no longer allows leave to be taken.

  • These leaves are too old and you want to settle them: help page.
  • These leaves should be transferred to a current account: help page.
  • You authorise leave to be taken after the consumption period end date.


2. I want to view the balances for my entire department/company.

 For more information, please visit our help page on this topic.


3. One of the accounts has a negative balance in the counter table.

 Go over the history of activity on the account to see the absences involved. The account in question may be incorrectly configured or an administrator may have placed you on leave using this account. This help page might be able to help you: How to explain a debited leave balance in Timmi Absences.


4. How are the different accounts sorted in the table?

 The counters are shown based on the counters’ consumption deadlines. In this way, Timmi Absences suggests you prioritise using days that are close to expiring. Accounts without consumption end dates are next.


5. For a future estimate, the projected leave number shown by Timmi Absences is wrong.

 It is possible that the Timmi Absences application profile is filled in incorrectly in the employee’s user file. You can verify this under Co-workers.


6. I do not want accruing leave to be shown.

 You can stop accounts with accruals ongoing from appearing in the counter table and the allocation pop-up window. Go to Configure > Preferences > Parameters, and look in the Display section’s settings:


This setting is customised by legal entity and is therefore valid for all accounts within the same legal entity.

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