Automating Cleemy Expenses Exports

Background information

You can automatically generate your various exports—accounting, payroll and payment—at a certain frequency. After exporting, you can upload these files to an FTP server and also send them by email to the recipients of your choice.

Setting up export automation

To give you as many options as possible, there are four steps to configure from the ‘Management rules’ tab under the Settings menu.


This configuration is available for payment exports as well as for accounting and payroll exports. Accounting and payroll exports must be generated simultaneously.

Configuration for each export and each legal entity is entirely separate. This way, you can decide to automate accounting exports but not payment exports or use the features within only some of your group’s companies.

1. Choosing the frequency for export automation


You can export the various regular operations on the last day of each month, the first day of each month or weekly on the day you choose.

2. Option to send files by email


You can also decide to send export files to one or several employees or to a list of email addresses manually entered into the tool.

3. Upload the export files to a file server


Along with the email, files can also be uploaded to an FTP server. The server can be hosted by Lucca or by your organisation.

In the first case, you will receive an email containing information for signing in to your FTP account on Lucca’s file server. In the second case, you must enter the information for your server in the settings.

This server upload will take place during automatic exports, and you also have the option to upload to the server when completing manual exports by ticking the associated option.

4. Error notifications


If an error occurs during export, when uploading to the server or when generating the export, you can choose a list of recipients to notify.

Important: if multiple issuer account IBANs are set up for expense report reimbursement, Cleemy Expenses will take the first IBAN from the list when automatically exporting payments.

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