Rights management in Figgo

Access rights in Figgo are managed in the administration of Lucca roles. Access is given via the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. See the roles support page.


Please note: Access to the roles administration module is not always activated by default when Figgo is set up. If you do not have access to this module, please make an inquiry with you adminstrator. If you are the administrator of Figgo, you can contact the Lucca support team at


As of 01/27/2017, Figgo permissions managed in Administration > Configure > roles will be managed in the administration of Lucca roles.
To simplify things, we have combined certain modules into a single Lucca permission.
You may have experienced a change to your rights following this update.
When combining the modules, we have ensured that your previous rights are preserved. It is possible that you could have access to new Figgo administrative menus.
The scope of your previous rights has also been preserved. For example, a manager only able to credit recoveries to his or her supervised employees will maintain this limitation.

Here are the menus that give access to the different Figgo permissions in the administration of roles:

Permission name

Associated Figgo menus

Permission for the user

View homepage

  • Homepage

The user has access to the Figgo homepage.

Request a leave

  • Homepage

This right allows the user to make and cancel requests within a defined scope.

Manager choice

  • Homepage

The user has the ability to choose his or her manager. A drop-down menu will be available on the welcome page and in the leave distribution pop up.

Read the leaves

  • Schedule

This permission gives access to the Schedule tab.

Show details of leaves

  • Schedule

This right allows the absence types to be display in the schedule tab (illness, paid leave, etc.).

Substitute an approver

  • Approval

This permission authorizes leave approvals within the specified scope.

As a consequence, the approval tab will appear for users with this right.

Enter a compulsory leave

  • Put on leave

This permission activates the Put on leave tab within the specified scope.

This allows for a leave to be requested for an employee or a specific group.

Enter a sick leave

  • Sick leave

This permission activates the sick leave module which allows for the demands of déclaration sociale nominative (DSN) to be met.

Credit an account

  • Allocate rights to leave
  • Semi-automatic entry
  • Miscellaneous operations

These administrative modules allow leave rights to be credited/debited to a specific user or group (department, profile, etc.).

Delete a leave

  • Approved requests
  • Put on leave

This permission allows for an approved absence to be cancelled within a specific scope.

Credit recurring accruals

  • Regularization of rights
  • Monthly entries
  • Seniority
These menus allow days automatically credited by Figgo to be consulted and modified.

View account balances

  • Consult accounts
  • General balance
These menus give access to absence account details.

View reports

  • Balances
  • Absences
  • Employee info
  • Statistics

This permission gives access to different Figgo report modules.

Manage meal vouchers

  • Restaurant vouchers

This permission allows the number of restaurant vouchers to be given to employees to be defined from a configured list of absences.

Manage employee departure

  • Balance of entire account

This module allows for the settlement of counters for an employee who has left the company.


  • Accounts
  • Profiles
  • Parameters
  • Lists of accounts
  • Time-saving accounts
  • Planned tasks
  • Regulations
  • Rules by account
  • Legend
  • Calendars
  • Properties
  • Fordibben periods

These administrative modules allow Figgo features to be configured.

Manage working / non-working days

  • Customize schedule

This module allows days off/days worked to be defined for a specific user.

Import balances

  • Compare counters
  • Import requests
  • Import rights

This permission allows leave requests or balances as well as comparisons between counters and payroll to be imported.

Configure exports

  • Export payroll

This permission authorizes the configuration of payroll exports.

Generate exports

  • Export payroll

This permission authorizes payroll exports to be created.

Payroll interface (deprecated)

  • Payroll tables
  • Payroll interface

These menus allows access to the configuration and the creation of payroll exports from the old payroll module.

The majority of payroll exports are done using the Payroll Export module as of mid-2016.

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