Changing an Employee’s Balance/Allocating TOIL

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On this page, you will learn how to apply a debit or credit to an employee on one or several accounts.

If you want to credit an employee with TOIL because they worked a day they would normally have off, it would be better to follow the instructions on this help page.

To add leave to or delete leave from a specific employee

  1. Go to Credit/debit > Employee
  2. In Employee, indicate the employee in question (in the drop-down list, you will find everyone in the company)
  3. In Type of entitlement, select the account to be credited or debited (drop-down list)
  4. Enter a Comment for the operation (text field—we suggest you enter the reason for the procedure)
  5. In Credit, enter the number of days (or hours, depending on the unit for the account selected) that you want to add to the employee. To delete days, simply enter a negative number. For example, to credit 5 days, enter ‘5’; to debit 5 days, enter ‘-5’.
  6. Change the accounting entry date if desired (by default, it is today’s date)
  7. Click Save.


To change the balance for a group of employees, please visit the dedicated help page.



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