Creating Simple Data in the HR File

Background information

If you are subscribed to our Poplee Core HR solution, which allows you to manage all data concerning your employees, you may want to create simple data. This is how.

Data management

To create this simple data, go to the Data management menu in your Poplee Core HR solution.


Choosing the data format

First choose ‘Simple data’. You will then be asked to enter a name and choose the data’s format.



For the List format, you will have to add values for the list. For each value, you have the option of entering a translation into different languages.


If the piece of data must bring together several inputs for the same employee (example: ‘Contract amendments’ data in attached file format), tick the ‘Allow multiple occurrences’ box so it becomes multiple-occurrence data.

It is not possible to undo the decision to allow multiple occurrences. In other words, multiple-occurrence data will always be multiple-occurrence. In addition, you must not tick this box if the piece of data created is intended to be integrated into composite data.

Linking the data to a section in the file

After entering the various elements, the last step is to select the sections of the HR file in which you want the data to appear. You can then edit the content of the different sections from the ‘HR file’ tab in the directory configuration.



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