HR File - The differents types of data

Three different types of data are useable in the HR File:

  • Single data
  • Composite data
  • Multivalued data


Single data

A single data get at least one the following format:


  • Text

  • Multi-line text

  • Checkbox

  • List of values

  • Date

  • Attachment

  • Link

  • Integer

  • Decimal


Composite data

Composite data includes several fields. Each of them can be set differently : Text, Multi-line text, Checkbox, Attachment, Integer, Decimal, Date, Link.

For example:

"Emergency contact" data will be set with two text fields : Name and Phone number.

"Education" data will be set with three fields : Text for the degree, date for the diploma release date, and attachment for a copy of the diploma.



Multiple occurrences


A data (whether simple or compound) can be built with multiples occurrences:  a multiple entry is allowed on the same field.

Example: "Annual Remuneration" can have one occurrence per year.

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