Different Types of Data in the HR File

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If you subscribe to our Poplee Core HR solution, you certainly want to manage the data. There are three different types of data in the HR file:

Simple data

Simple data may take several formats. You can choose between the following formats: text, multi-line text, checkbox, value list, date, attachment, hypertext link, whole number or decimal number.

This dedicated page explains how to create simple data: Creating Simple Data in the HR File

Composite data

Composite data includes multiple fields. Each field can be in a different format (Text; Multi-Line Text; Checkbox; Value List; Date; Attachment; Hypertext Link; Number, whole; Number, decimal).

For example: Emergency contact composite data is composed of two fields in text format: Name and Phone.


This dedicated page explains how to create composite data: Creating Composite Data in the HR File

Multiple-occurrence data

Data (whether simple or composite) can be multiple occurrence: this means multiple entries are permitted in the same field.

For example:
‘Annual salary’ data can have a yearly occurrence.


For more information on creating data in Poplee, please watch this video:

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