The Delegation in Cleemy Expenses

Background information

With  Cleemy Expenses’s delegation feature, you can automatically transfer expense reports requiring your approval to another user during your holidays, over a specific period or permanently.

Activating delegation

You can enable delegation on the delegation page in the ‘My Account’ interface, which you can access from Cleemy Expenses’s approval tab.


You can also decide to delegate by clicking on the link in the ‘Approval’ menu provided to users with permission to approve expense reports.



When you receive an expense report to approve, you have enabled delegation and you are in a delegation period, it will be forwarded automatically to the delegatee.

When this happens, a notification is sent to the submitter, the delegatee and you.

Concepts to understand

You can delegate your rights to any user. If they normally do not have access to the approval tab, access will automatically be granted while they have expenses to approve. This is particularly useful if your assistant was delegated.

However, if your delegatee also has delegation enabled, the expense report will not be forwarded a second time.

At the end of your delegation period, delegated expense reports that were not approved yet will not be reassigned to you. However, your delegatee can forward them back to you using the approval tab.

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