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The "Schedule" tab allows you to view the schedule of other employees (for all employees or only a part of them depending on your Timmi Absences role).

As a employee, you can anticipate and submit your requests based on the requests already approved by your colleagues. 

As a manager, you can approve each request from your team with an overview of their allocation. 

If some employees do not appear in your schedule, it is because your Timmi Absences role does not allow you to view them.

To manage access permissions, you can view our help sheet on this subject.

Select the period to display

You can select the displayed period of the schedule at the top left of your schedule:

You can:

  • Choose the starting day of the schedule with the integrated calendar
  • Move forward or backward one week with the arrows
  • Go back to today with the "Today" button.

Filter the visible employees on the schedule

You have the ability to filter the schedule view according to

  • Departments of your company
  • Establishments

  • And also by employee.


The ability to see the different departments will depend on the role of the employee.

If some departments do not appear for an employee, it is because the permissions linked to their role does not allow them to be seen.

Unfilter the schedule for a global view

You can also unfilter the schedule using the cross to the right of the current filter: this will allow you to return to your overview.


Display the multicolor schedule and/or the caption

To configure the colors used to display absences in the schedule, you can consult our help sheet on this subject.

Please note, Your Timmi Absences role must give you access to the reasons for the absences in order to view the multicolored schedule.

To display the colors of the absences (or remove the color display) you must click on the 3 dots to the right of your screen. 

To view the caption, click on the "View caption" eye at the bottom of the page. 


Export the schedule (Excel)

To export the schedule in Excel format, you must click on the 3 dots to the right of your screen.

Please note, in the Chrome browser, be sure to check in your print settings "Background graphics".

This option may be worded differently in another browser.

Manage groups

You also have the ability to create cross-cutting groups in the schedule view. You can find the procedure and all the information about it in the dedicated help sheet.

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