The Timmi Absences Schedule

Background information

The ‘View schedule’ tab allows you to view both your own and your co-workers’ schedules (for all employees or just some depending on your Timmi Absences role).

Some employees may not appear in your schedule because your Timmi Absences role does not allow you to see them. To manage access rights, please visit our help page on this topic.

Choosing the period to display

At the top left side of your schedule, you can choose what period is displayed:


You can:

  • Choose the schedule start date using the included calendar (1)
  • Jump forward or back a week using the arrows (2)
  • Return to today using the ‘Today’ button (3).

Filter what employees are visible on the schedule

You can filter the schedule based on different departments in your company or different legal entities.


The ability to see different departments depends on the employee’s role. Certain departments may not appear to an employee because the permissions associated with their role do not allow them to view these departments.

Showing the multi-colour schedule

To configure the legend, please visit our dedicated article.

Important: to see the multi-colour schedule, your Timmi Absences role must allow you to see reasons for absences.
In the ‘View schedule’ tab, the ‘Multicolor display (Legend)’ box must be ticked.
This box is found on the right-hand side of the blue header.

Printing the schedule

To print the schedule, click on the printer icon.

Important: if you are using the Chrome web browser, make sure to tick the ‘Background graphics’ option in your printing preferences.
This option may be worded differently in other browsers.

Managing groups

You can also create cross-disciplinary groups in the schedule’s display. The steps and all related information can be found on the dedicated help page.

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