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The “Consult schedule” tab allows you to visualize your schedule as well as those of your employees (of all employees or only some according to your Figgo role).

If certain employees do not appear in your schedule, then your Figgo role does not allow you to see them.

This article will go over the following points:

  • Filter visible employees in the schedule/ Create a group
    • Filter visible employees in the schedule
    • Create a group
    • How do I update a group?
  • Create a multicolor schedule
  • Print schedule

Filter the visible employees in the schedule/ Create a group

  1. Filter the visible employees in the schedule

You are able to filter the schedule by your company’s different departments or by its legal entities.

The ability to see different departments depends on the employee role. If certain departments do not appear for an employee, his or her role does not allow them to view them.

  1. Create a group

If you would like to create a specific group of people in order that they appear together in the schedule (for example, if they work together on a project), you can follow these instructions:

In the field where you can select a department, click on the “Manage my groups” link (also available at the bottom of the drop-down menu). A window with two columns will open. In the left column, you will find the groups to which you have access and in the right column, you will find those that you have created.

There you can click once again on “Create a group.” You will then be able to add all or some of the users who are available to you in the schedule by using filters if you choose.

Don’t forget to name this group and save it. If you would like to share it with other users, click “Share this group” and select the employees you wish to share the group with.

  1. How do I update a group?

To modify a group, click on “Manage my groups” in the department field and then on the department in question.

The members will appear, and then you can:

  • add new users in the left column or
  • remove members via the trash bin in the right column

Don’t forget to save before closing the page to ensure that the modifications have been updated.

To personalize the legend, you can consult our support page on this subject.

Attention, your Figgo role gives you access to absence motifs to view the multicolor schedule. In the “Consult Schedule” tab, the “Multicolor display (legend)” box must be checked. This checkbox can be found to the right of the blue bar.

To print the schedule, click on the printer icon.

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