View reports on leaves and absences

You may view absences of employees of create reports on absences in several Figgo modules.

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View absences in the Request leave page

In the Request leave page, you may view absences for a given employee, either on the planning or  by clicking on the Yearly schedule link.

View absences in the View schedule page

The schedule allows you to view absences for a groupe of employees. 

For more information, see our dedicated help page.

Leaves reports in Reports > Create and view > report type Absences (new module)

The report type Absences allows you to extract data on absences of a groupe of employees, for a given period.

You may filter data according to :

  • Departments
  • Legal entities
  • Figgo profiles
  • Socioprofessionnal categories
  • Accounts : 

Default data are selected. Other data are available, when you modify columns of the report, so as to add information on employees, absences ou accountes. For example :

  • Manager / Email of the manager : manager of the employee as defined in the user file 
  • Creation date : date when the request was made by the employee or absence was entered from the Manage schedule module
  • Starts AM / Ends PM
  • etc.

Duration is displayed in the account unit.

You may download the report in CSV or Excel.


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