View the activity on a leave account

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If you do not understand a leave balance, you can view all the entries that have been made on this leave account to find out the details of the activity. This can be done in two ways.

View the leave request entries

The "Absence request" module allows you to display your Timmi Absences homepage and that of other employees, if your role allows it. By selecting the desired person from the drop-down list, you can click on an account in its balance table which will allow you to see the details of all the entries that have been made.

View entries in the "Accounting entries" module

Use this module to publish a report of all the entries (entitlement credit and debit entries) for one or all the employees, for one or more leave accounts. You can access it via the Reports Accounting entries module.

You can filter the report on:

  • A specific entry number by indicating the entry number

  • The desired establishments by checking them

  • The desired departments by checking them
  • A specific employee or to display all employees

  • On the desired accounts by checking them

  • A type of entry

  • By displaying by ledger code
  • Over a given period of time with a start and end date. You can only specify an end date.

To view the report, click on "View". You will be able to download this report in Excel format.

Each module allowing you to credit or debit days has its own specific ledger code.
This makes it possible to find out which module was used to credit or debit entitlements.
For example, the ODSA ledger code corresponds to the credits or debits of entitlements made from Credit/Debit Employee.

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