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Viewing the balances of one or more of your employees allows you to monitor the status of their leave balances.

View the balances from the Request page

The Request page allows you to select a specific person from the drop-down list and be able to view their balance table.

You can visit our help sheet for a better understanding of the balance table. This will, in particular, show you an overview of balances for a specific month in the “Estimated balance at the end of” column.

View leave balances from Reports Team balance

To access the “Balance of my team”, you must have a role that includes the right to view the Request page of other users (in Timmi Absences roles, permission View homepage).

For a given date, this module allows you to edit:

  • the estimated balance: the calculation will include days requested (approved, pending approval or imposed by an administrator) and entitlements to be accrued by this date
  • the available balance: the calculation will show what the user can request on the selected date, taking into consideration absences requested after the date on which the estimate is based (for example, advance requests).

All accounts for which a leave balance exists are visible by default. You can apply a filter if necessary. Users with no leave balances on any accounts will not be shown in the results.

The results table can be exported in Excel or CSV format by clicking "Download" in the top right corner.

Viewing leave balances from the Reports menu

"Balance" and "Balance evolution" reports take into consideration absences pending approval as well as leave to be accrued.

The "Balance" report allows you to view the balance, either on today’s date or on a given date, of a group of employees. You can apply a filter on one or more accounts as needed.

By default, all employees with a leave balance on an account on this date will be included. Leave balances at zero will not be displayed. Entitlements accrued or to be accrued are always calculated or estimated over the entire month.

The "Balance evolution" report shows you an employee’s leave balance on an account by displaying accruals (days or hours accrued) and requests (days or hours taken), by account, over the period of your choice (from the first day of a month to the last day of a month).

Totals can be viewed, for example, by account and establishment or by account only. It is also possible to display the total per user if the selected accounts have the same unit. Then click on "View" to view the report. This report can be downloaded in Excel format with or without subtotals.

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