Check balance of one or more employees so as to monitor levels of leaves accrued and yet to take.

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Check balance from Request a leave

When you select a person in the dropdown list, you can view their balance table. 

More information on the balance table fiche d'aide.

Check balance from Reports > Team balance

To access the Team balance module, you must have permission to view the Request a leave page of other users.

You can estimate balance at a given date, including days taken (approved, pending approval or imposed by an administrator) and accruals until this date. 


Results can be downloaded in Excel or CSV format. 

Check balance from Reports > Created and view > Balance or Balance evolution

Reports of type Balance or Balance evolution take into account leaves pending approval and estimation of leave to be accrued. 

Report of type Balance allows to view balance as of today or a given date, for a set of employees, applying a filter on one or more account. 

By default, all employees having a non zero balance on an account at this date will be displayed. 

Report of type Balance evolution allows to explain the balance of an employee by showing days or hours accrued and days or hours taken, per account, on a given period.

Total option are available, for example per account and legal entity ou per account only.

Note that rights accrued or to be accrued are always computed or estimated on entire months.

Click view results to start data calculation. The report may be downloaded with or without totals. 

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