Manage Evaluation Campaigns

The Evaluation Campaign feature ensures dissemination of information and active involvement in the co-workers communities. No matter how many annual performance reviews, objectives reminders or any type of interviews : you are able to set up individual tasks, deadlines, attachments, and to follow the overall progress.


Create a new campaign

Lauching a new campaign from scratch is really easy, you just need to:

  • click on "Create Campaign", choose a template and check the title.

  • If you already have finished a few campaigns, you can reuse your previous customized tasks:


  • Set the evaluated working population


  • Define the required tasks and add other task if needed:

  • assign a responsible co-worker for each task and fill the description field to help him or her to achieve the mission.



Launch the campaign

As you hit the launching button, all the assigned co-workers receive a summary email with all their future tasks.


Campaign Follow-up

Once the campaign is started, you can trace the progress:

When the campaign is over or if you want to close it, you can interrupt it:

Reminders and reassignments

After the D-day of a task, daily emails will be automatically sent to the person in charge of the task.

If someone is out of the office, you are able to reassign another co-worker: 



Tasks templates

The main element of the evaluation campaign feature is the task model. By combining the right templates of tasks, you can design any interview process (pyramidal, 360°, team feedbacks ...).

Task descriptions are helping managers through interviews. We suggest you to include some reference materials and tips on your company's best practices.

The templates campaigns are at your disposal to test some configurations of tasks.


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