Importing skills grids

Before you get started

The aim of this help page is to show you how to create or update your skills grids, i.e. how to link your skills to your qualifications by defining the expected level for each of them.


You cannot perform this import if you have not created any skills or qualifications. 

To create skills, go to this "Importing skills" help sheet.

To create qualifications, go to this "Qualification administration" help sheet.

Step 1: Retrieve the file template

To retrieve the template, click on "Download the document template".

The downloaded template automatically adapts to your settings: 

- it automatically generates a ZIP file containing a CSV file for each job; 

- it adds the qualifications linked to this job to each CSV file.

If you had already configured grids, the CSV files contain the skills and expected levels already filled in. 

Step 2: Fill in the files

In each job file, you must fill in the skills and expected levels for each qualification.

The name of the qualifications must not be changed in the template. 

If you want to change an existing qualification, delete a duplicate qualification or create a new qualification, you must go to the Qualification administration module.

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Tip: To ensure that the skills correspond perfectly to your framework, we advise you to export your framework and copy and paste from Excel into your grids (see procedure below).

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Step 3: Import the completed files

We recommend that you run an initial test on the test basis before importing skills in the production environment because any changes will have an impact on all your ongoing assessment campaigns.

The import file must be in a specific format:

- Be in CSV format;

- No more than 1,000 rows;

- File header on the first row.

Drop your file or click on "Browse documents" and select a CSV file or a ZIP containing several CSV files.

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If your files have errors, the import will be blocked and you will be able to view the details of these errors.

The most common errors are: 

- The skill does not exist: you need to check the spelling of the skill or make sure it is not an archived skill

- The qualification does not exist: you need to check the spelling of the qualification or make sure that there are no duplicates between your files

- The descriptions are too long; you have to respect the maximum number of characters or check that extra spaces have not slipped into your file

Frequently asked questions

I want to make bulk changes to the expected levels for several skills in a qualification, how do I do this?

You can export your grids, edit the values in the CSV file and then re-import it to update your grids.

I want to withdraw all the skills for a job, how do I do this? 

You can export the job grid, delete all the expected levels in the CSV file and then re-import it to update the grid. Example below:

Can I import multiple CSV files at once?

Yes, you can put multiple CSV files into a ZIP file and import the ZIP.

Do I have to fill in a CSV file for each job? 

No, you can put all of your qualifications in one CSV file if you want.

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