Importing skills frameworks

Before you get started

The aim of this help page is to show you how to create or update your skills frameworks, i.e. how to link your skills to your qualifications by defining the expected level for each of them.

If you have not yet created any skills, you can add them manually or do a bulk import "Importing skills" help page

We recommend that you run an initial test on the test basis before importing skills in the production environment because any changes will have an impact on all your ongoing assessment campaigns.

Retrieving the file template to be used for the import

The template automatically adapts to your settings and needs: 

- it automatically generates a CSV file for each job; 

- it adds the qualifications linked to this job to each CSV file;

- it prepopulates the CSV files with your data.

To retrieve the template, click on "Download document template".


Completing the import files of each job

The import file must follow several rules:

- Be in CSV format;

- No more than 1,000 rows;

- File header on the first row;

- No duplicates in the columns;

- The expected level and the name of the skill must be entered in the repository default language.




The name of the skill must already be in the repository and the skill must not have been archived.


⚠ The qualification name must already be in the repository.

The level entered must be active and the level name must match the custom label in your rating scale settings.

Importing the completed files

Click on "Browse documents" and select a CSV file (or ZIP file containing several CSV files) or drop your file into the drag and drop area.


Specific features of updating frameworks

Question 1: If there were already expected levels for the Negotiation, Communication and Writing skills for the "Junior sales assistant", "Sales assistant" and "Senior sales assistant" qualifications and I import empty cells (B2 to B4, C2 to C4 and D2 to D4), what happens?

Answer: These 3 skills will be removed from these qualifications and will no longer appear in the skills framework.


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