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Lucca has access to establish a connection to a Silae test environment which will allow you to carry out tests independently. These types of access are reserved for the customers of the Lucca connector for Silae.

This operation calls for the creation of an API configuration and a permission generally reserved for Silae administrators. This sheet is specifically addressed to them.


  • You must have access to a Silae test base. If you do not have one, contact your Silae sales representative.
  • You must have access to the API configuration under the payroll settings tab. This access is generally reserved for technical teams or Silae administrators.

Create an employee on Silae

In order to grant API access permissions, an employee must be created. As this user does not need to log in, we will be able to use an email that does not exist, so only the API will be able to use this account.

We recommend that you use an email address with the format

Please note: do not use domains other than yours with an address that you know is not used. For example, do not use Given that this domain is not managed by your company, you have no control over the destination of the email. The idea is to use an unassigned address. 
  • 1.1 Go to your Silae test environment > Admin. employees
  • 1.2 Click on Create an employee
  • 1.3 Once created, select the employee profile in the list
  • 1.4 Click on Permissions on your profile
  • 1.5 Go to permissions by clicking on the "Access to permissions management" button


  • 1.6 Activate the permissions on the production analysis by checking Internal Management and Production Analysis using (+).
You must scroll through all of the Production Analysis menus and check them. It is not necessary to access the settings and hence assign these permissions.



Configure the API access for this user

From the API configuration, you must create a new connection.

The API account to select in point 4 is "_LUCCA_"

In point 5, you must select the user account you created. The transmission of the information may take a while. Restarting Silae may help.

Please note, only the payroll records, that you want to be able to connect with Lucca, have to be added. 

Once this attachment is made, you can notify your customer that all the lights have turned green for the connection of the test base. The consultant in charge of deploying the project at your customer will carry out the final attachment from Lucca. Please specify your Silae domain to the Lucca consultant (Visible from the Silae window bar)


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