Read evaluations in the catalog

Displaying evaluations in the catalog

Thanks to on-the-spot evaluations that have been filled out by trainees, you and your employees will have access to more in-depth information about the quality of your training courses. More specifically, your employees will be able to:

  • View the average rating awarded to a course, either in the course details or in the catalog.
  • Read reviews left by other participants, either in the course details or in the catalog.
  • Decide whether they would like to be listed in the catalog as former participants and potentially be contacted by other employees before they submit their own evaluations.
  • Access evaluations filled out by those participants who have agreed to display their evaluations in the catalog.

For greater clarity, here are a few additional details to consider:

  • Evaluations of in-house training courses are not displayed in the catalog.
  • The average rating is calculated by taking into account all of the completed evaluations.
  • As soon as the first evaluation is completed, the average rating is displayed.
  • Reviews are not displayed in the catalog.

The aim of these decisions is to encourage employees to contact former participants and learn more about a training course before they submit a request. This approach aims to make training courses more relevant to employees’ needs, and to help them to define their expectations. This also therefore leads to more effective communication between applicants and former participants.


Getting consent from employees before listing them in the catalog

By default, employee consent is ticked.



1. How can an in-house trainer find the evaluations for these training sessions?

At this stage, they can’t – an HR administrator has to give them feedback.

2. How can the HR administrator find the average scores for training courses in the private catalog?

At this stage, they can’t. This development is due to take place as part of a project to update the training course management interface.

3. For the same training course, I have several sessions run by different organizations. How is this reflected in the average rating displayed in the catalog?

The average rating shown in the catalog is based solely on evaluations of the sessions that are run by the organization currently associated with the training course.


4. Is it possible to activate and deactivate the display of evaluations in the catalog?

Evaluations of external training courses are included in the catalog. Evaluations of in-house training courses are not included in the catalog. At this stage, the HR administrator cannot change these settings.


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