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Connector operation and setup with Equify

This integration has been developed by Equify

How the integration works

      • Solutions involved: Poplee Core HR
      • Type of integration: API
      • Integration direction: Lucca to Equify
      • Integration frequency: manual
      • Setting up the integration: you are free to save your URL and API key in your Equify account

Synchronized data

During the data synchronization process, Equify will retrieve the following data:

    • Employee name
    • Employee’s first name
    • Personal email address (if unavailable, use the employee’s professional email address)
    • Direct line
    • Address
    • Nationality
    • Department of birth
    • Date of birth

Setting up the integration in Lucca

To set up integration, go to your Lucca space:

  1. Click on the little rocket at the top right of your Lucca space
  2. Select the "🔌Integrations" field
  3. Search for the relevant application
  4. Follow the instructions to create your pre-configured API key
    The technical contact must be the e-mail address of your contact at the publisher.
    The API key will be created automatically with the permissions required to set up the integration.

  5. Send the generated API key and URL to the publisher, following the steps below

It is also possible to retrieve custom data from the HR file. To do this, you will have to create a section with the relevant data and, in the API key permissions add:

      • Consult HR files > select the section that contains the employee's address

The connection steps to be completed in Equify 

A. How to carry out your first synchronization between Lucca and your Equify account

  1. Select the accounts to be synchronized 
  2. Match the Equify information fields with the Lucca information fields.
    At this stage, the aim is to link the right Equify field to the right Lucca information. For example, the firstName field in Equify must match the firstName field in Lucca. I select from the Lucca#1 column.

    If a property in Equify corresponds to several properties in Lucca, then you can add one property per box and use the separator between each property.

    For example, I'd like to indicate the Last name (lastName) and the Birth name (e_Nomdenaissance) in the Equify BirthPlace field (Equify doesn't distinguish between last name and birth name by default). 

    So I add: lastName for the first field, a separator, then e_Nomdenaissance for the second field. 

  3. Save and activate the synchronization, then launch it from the Integrations menu.
  4. Approve the final step of the synchronization.
    In this menu, you'll find: 
    • new accounts (not synchronized),
    • synchronized accounts : these have been previously synchronized
    • conflicting accounts: several pieces of information are shared by a new account and an already-synchronized account.
 (last name/first name, email address, ID, etc.)
    • excluded accounts: these are accounts you do not wish to synchronize. You need to check the relevant employees and click on "add to excluded" in the top right-hand corner.
      On the next page, you'll find a summary of your synchronization. Once you've familiarized yourself with the different types of accounts described above, click on Synchronize
  5. View synchronized accounts

B. Daily synchronization management

  1. Viewing synchronization settings
    Go to Settings Integrations, click on More actions View settings
    You can modify the synchronization settings by clicking on the field you wish to change.
  2. Managing exclusions
    To remove an employee from the excluded account, go to thesettings menu, click on Excluded select the employee concerned Click on Remove from Excluded Synchronize.
  3. Managing conflicting accounts
    Cases of conflict arise when two accounts (Lucca and Equify) have similarities and inconsistencies on key criteria, such as first and last name, email address, ID, etc.
    For example, you may have an email address that is the same for both accounts but a different first and last name. You may also have a Lucca ID that is the same for both accounts, but the rest of the information does not match.
  4. Viewing synchronization history

    Go to Settings Synchronization, click on More actions View synchronization history.
    You'll be able to see past synchronizations and their details.

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