Find and manage your campaigns more easily on the Campaigns page

Before you get started

To make it easier to manage your draft campaigns and your launched campaigns, you'll find them in two separate tabs on your Campaigns page. 

Launched campaigns tab

If you have launched campaigns, this is where you'll be redirected by default, and your campaigns will have been filtered according to their status: In progress or Closed.

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Filters and search

You can also broaden your search by using the Category and Manager filters (click on the Other filters button) and the search bar.

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At a glance, you can see how your campaigns are progressing thanks to the graph in the Progress column. The percentage displayed represents the number of completed reviews out of the total number of reviews in the campaign. This progress graph is removed once the campaign is closed.

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Archiving your closed campaigns (reversible)

Do you need to focus on the campaigns that require a follow up or an analysis? You can now archive your closed campaigns. You can still find them and access them normally by filtering your campaigns according to Status and selecting Archived. Archiving can be reversed and does not modify the campaign in any way. For more information, please read the dedicated help sheet on the subject.

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Need help closing your campaign

❌ Would you like to permanently delete your launched test campaigns? You can find more details about this action, which cannot be undone, in this help sheet

Draft campaigns tab

This is where you can find (via the search bar or filters), edit and launch your draft campaigns.

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Once you have launched your campaign, you’ll find it in the Launched Campaigns tab.

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