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Are you tired of still seeing all your old campaigns that you’ve closed because they have no more pending tasks? You can now archive them. We outline the process below.

What is the impact of archiving?

Archiving enables you to clear your list of campaigns in the Launched Campaigns tab, where campaigns have either an In progress or Closed status by default. Archived campaigns will function in the same way as before. You can still access and analyze them by filtering the campaigns according to Status and selecting Archived

How to archive a campaign (reversible)

Only closed campaigns can be archived. You can archive a closed campaign by clicking on the three dots that appear at the end of the closed campaign’s row in the Launched campaigns tab:

Archiver une campagne.png

It is worth noting that when you archive a campaign, it also archives it for all the other administrators who have access to it.

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How to unarchive a campaign

Did you archive your campaign a little too early? Would you like to see it back in your Launched campaigns tab? Unlike Closed campaigns, which cannot be reopened, you can unarchive campaigns that have been archived. To do this, simply go to the archived campaign and click on the three dots that appear at the end of the campaign’s row.


Campagne archivée 3.png


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