Managing a fraudulent transaction with a Cleemy card

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A fraudulent transaction is one in which you have not made the transaction, either online or for a physical purchase. This page explains how to quickly cancel your card and how to report the fraud to the appropriate authorities.

In the event of fraud, it is essential you notify your Cleemy account manager.

1. Cancel:

If the payment was made using a physical Cleemy card:

If you have a physical card and the payment was made using this format, you can cancel it from the Cleemy Expenses interface. You should select the “stolen card” option.

The virtual format is still active and you can still use it to make purchases.

If the payment was made using a virtual Cleemy card:

Ask your account manager to delete your payment card. This will also deactivate your physical Cleemy card.

2. Report the fraudulent activity to the police

It is imperative that you report the fraudulent activity to the police. In France, you can file a report online on the Perceval website.
This report can be filed by the employee or by the account manager.

3. Contact the retailer

To speed up the reimbursement process, it may be a good idea to contact the retailer and explain the situation. The retailer can then process the reimbursement themselves.

4. Send the fraud report confirmation

Once you've reported the fraud to the police, send the confirmation and the completed fraud report form to and

Once all these actions have been completed, the Cleemy card will no longer be available on the Cleemy account. You will need to order a new one. To do this, go to the Cleemy cards user support page.

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