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If you have the Silae connector you have to update the contractual data of the employees in Silae when their contract changes or they have just arrived. 

If this is not done, the absences or remuneration data will not be accepted by Silae.

When a person joins your company, their contract start date is entered at the time of the first transmission so that you can submit an activity start date in Silae. 

However, if this contract changes (e.g. fixed-term to permanent contract), you must enter the date of the new contract, because it cannot be transferred from Lucca.

In both cases, you will also need to enter additional information such as the level or grade, job title, etc. This can be done by your payroll manager or by yourself if you are in a shared payroll process.

Update in Silae

If you have a payroll manager, you should send them the employment contract so that they can update it themselves.

1 - Go to the employee's file 

2 - Go down the page to find the employment section. The start date of employment must be filled in and be before the date of the absence or the pay date that you want to transfer. The other data is not necessary for the transmission, but may be necessary for the rest of the payroll preparation in Silae.

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